The Halo Effect
The Halo Effect

Welcome to the website companion to my book, The Halo Effect ... and the Eight Other Business Delusions that Deceive Managers, published in 2007 by Free Press.

I invite you to browse through the site, where you'll find reviews of the book, related articles and book reviews, study guides to download, as well as recommendations for further reading. Comments and questions are most welcome - please send them to me at:

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In late March, I learned that my article, “Misunderstanding the Nature of Company Performance: The Halo Effect and Other Business Delusions,” published in the Summer 2007 issue of California Management Review, has been selected as the winner of the 2008 Accenture Award for best article of the year.  That article is perhaps the best summary of the book, and I'm delighted it has been recognized -- and by a consulting firm, no less!


The key arguments of The Halo Effect are summarized here: About The Halo Effect. For potential reviewers, or any others wishing to distill the main points of the book, this should be a useful reference.


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