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Discussion on hot bending technology of plexiglass products and matters needing attention

Plexiglass products hot bending machine real name for plastic plate hot bending machine it is a for acrylic, plexiglass, PC, PVC, and other plastic plate processing equipment. Through the accurate positioning of the Angle, the use of advanced infrared heating, water circulation cooling system, automatic instant molding, with accurate Angle, fast speed, high efficiency, processing workpiece no deformation, no plate paste, no foaming and other advantages. Products should be widely used in advertising decoration industry, plexiglass products industry and other fields, greatly improve the process of plastic plate production.

Performance characteristics of plexiglass products:

1, accurate Angle positioning, adjustable

2, energy-saving infrared heating, the temperature can be adjusted according to the properties of the plate

3, according to material properties, etc., set time, temperature automatic instant molding

4, water temperature alarm, leakage protection function to ensure operation safety

5. Heating mobile platform of water circulation cooling system

6, equipped with measuring ruler to ensure the standardization of mass production workpiece

7, hot bending workpiece smooth without scratches, no deformation, no pasting plate, no bubbling

8, intelligent operation panel, easy to operate Matters needing attention in the use of plexiglass products:

1. The plexiglass plate can not be stored in a place with other organic solvents, but can not contact organic solvents

2. During transportation, the surface protective film or protective paper shall not be rubbed

3. Cannot be used in the environment where the temperature exceeds 85℃

4. The cold and hot expansion coefficient of the plexiglass plate is very large, and the expansion gap should be reserved because of the temperature change

5. Clean the plexiglass sheet only with 1% soapy water, with a soft cotton cloth dipped in soapy water, do not use hard objects or dry wipe, otherwise the surface is easy to bruise

6. Recognized by the increasing awareness of environmental protection, it is easy to maintain and clean, and rainwater can be cleaned naturally.

7. Other materials can not be more plastic than the United States, large changes in modeling, easy processing and high recovery rate.