When it comes to interior design, subtle details can make a big statement, particularly when it comes to a space-limited bathroom. Your towels can add an eye-catching dash of flair to the room very easily — so long as you choose the right color.

Since it’s expensive to update a bathroom’s tiles, fixtures, and lighting every time the styles change, you may be dealing with some design elements in your bath that aren’t exactly to your liking. Maybe the cabinets are too dark, or the tile color is outdated. Those issues can create certain challenges when it comes time to find the proper accent color for your towels.

At Maple & Moon, their luxury towel line is designed with the vagaries of fashion in mind. While you can always fall back on a basic white towel, they offer an array of organic tones that never go out of style and easily complement any bathroom.

If you’re unsure which color works best with your bath, here are some suggestions:

Tone Down Bright, Bold Colors With Soothing Grays 

What do you do when your bathroom has too much color for comfort? Yellow, pink, and green were once popular choices for bathroom tiles, and you may have inherited a bathroom that’s still rocking those bygone fashions.

If the color seems jarring, consider adding gray towels and accents to bring the room more into harmony. The “Gray Blossom” towel offered by Maple & Moon is a true neutral that will work well with bright yellows and oranges, while the understated gray of “Linen Moonlight” is a beautiful compliment against dusty pink or sage green.

Add Warmth to Cool Bathrooms With Navy or Green

Does your bathroom seem a little cold and clinical? That’s a common problem with ultra-modern designs that rely heavily on chrome and white tile. The quickest way to warm up a room that feels too glacial is through the use of deep, warm accent colors. Navy, for example, has emerged as a top choice for interior decor because it’s a true, deep neutral that looks stunning next to bright white and chrome. 

If you like your bathroom’s cool look but still want a hint of warmth, consider adding tones like the “Mist Green Moonlight” towels that Maple & Moon have to offer. The hint of color will provide visual interest without disturbing your overall aesthetic.

Use Off-White to Brighten a Bathroom That Seems Too Dark

Dark tiles and brushed copper fixtures can give a bathroom a touch of elegance — but it’s easy to end up with a room that seems a little dark and foreboding, especially when a bathroom is small. 

Plain white towels would seem oddly bright and discordant in such a bathroom, so use off-white towels instead. Something like “White Moonlight,” offers barely-there color for your towels that won’t look out of place or overly conspicuous against brown, dark gray, or black. 

When you’re buying luxury towels that you expect to last, it’s wisest to stick with “timeless” over “trendy.” Fashions change, and you don’t want your favorite towels to suddenly look dated, so stick with natural tones no matter what your bathroom’s design.

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