12/12 :  How to Obtain Accurate Data from Your Activity Tracker?

   A fitness tracker isn't a device that cleans the air, its only purpose is to help you get fit. The first thing you need to do is calibrate it to obtain more accurate data. Usually calibrating requires a consult of the manufacturer’s guidelines on this matter, or if you're lucky you can just download the app for that unit on your smartphone. Then, there’s an option there that will help you select on which wrist you’re going to wear your tracker.

Why is it important?
This is because, and you might not know this, one hand will move more than the other. So if you won’t set it up that way it won’t provide you an accurate figure of your fitness activities.
When selecting on which wrist you’ll be wearing the unit on, you must choose the dominant hand. If you’re right-handed, then you should choose right and vice versa.

For better tracking of your walks and runs, you should opt for an activity tracker that comes with a GPS. In this way, you can accurately monitor the distance you’ve travelled plus you're assured of finding your way back in case you run longer distances.

How to record your calories?
A fitness tracker won’t record the numbers by itself. Instead, you’ll manually input the numbers through its corresponding app, and then link that app to another app that can tell you how much calories you have gobbled.

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12/12 :  Taming your Tress with a Hair Straightener

   It is said that looks can be deceiving and nothing hides your beauty like an unkempt curly hair. Your looks say much about you and it's only good to convey the intended message. A fabulous look on the face with straight and sleek locks of hair will demand a second look. An amazing tress will keep the eye focused on you and draw people's attention on you. This can be achieved without necessarily sitting in a salon for hours to work on those curls but by simply passing through the hair with a straightener. Two to three passes on your hair and you are good to go.

Polished Look
As a lady, you deserve a polished look that speaks of the confidence in you. Modern day flat irons work through your hair to give you beautiful tresses within seconds. Unlike the traditional burning irons of the previous century, modern day straighteners heat fast to give you a fine finish. For those who keep long ringlets, the hair straightener banishes the ringlets giving you that amazing look and your hair can stay gorgeous and intact for the rest of the day.

Whether you want to make a transformation on the wave or convert the frizz hair to beautiful sleek locks, a hair straightener will serve you right. The first styling iron here is best for wavy hair, and testimonies from many others indicate that the straightener has the ability to change your look just by taking a few passes through your hair. Some people exclaim that their long curly hair would take a miracle to straighten but modern day hair straighteners have proved to be miracle workers when it comes to polishing you look with amazing sleek locks. The straighteners are wide enough to allow a quick pass through your hair. This implies that you can use them for any size and type of hair and be sure of perfect results.

Glossy and Shiny Look
Some flat irons contain oil for a glossy and shiny look upon making a few passes through your hair. Others are more advanced with modern day ionic technology that ensures a shine look upon using the straightener. It does not matter the nature of your hair, whether nappy, thick or even short, all you need is a perfect straightener for enviable sleek locks. You do not even need a lot of chemical application to make your hair soft; three passes through your hair per day saves you the hustle of constant hair treatment and makes it smooth and soft.

Flat irons are made to work all day, from getting getting out of bed to going out late. for all types of hairs with flawless results no matter the texture of your hair. The straightener has temperature control system to allow for heat regulation depending on type and texture of your hair. The device has an automatic shutting off system and is effective for an all-day fabulous look courtesy of beautiful sleek locks. The hair straightener is narrow enough to pass through your hair to convert the dull and frizz hair to fine looking tresses.

You deserve a fabulous look and a hair straightener is the answer to taming the tress. Grab one at an affordable price and live to tell the tale.

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15/11 :  What Whole House Air Purifiers Can be Used For

   Now that you worked on cleaning the water, it's time to focus on the next thing: air. More and more households are opting to use an air purifier to help them breathe easier while they’re inside the house, especially if they are allergic. As a result, sales of purifiers of air are rising. Aiming to have a better indoor air quality can be achieved through the use of a whole house air purifier.

Manufacturers that make this type of purifier are marketing their products as a unit that can do more than just purifying the air. According to them, a whole house air purifier can reduce your risk of suffering from a chronic respiratory illness.

Can it remove a flu virus, like H1N1?

A whole house air purifier can’t eliminate such type of virus, you can only find that type of unit if you are seeking a commercial-grade purifier. As of this date, there’s no household air purifier unit that can prevent or remove H1N1, but different types of allergy can effectively be treated even with the most basic air purifiers.

Can it address ozone problems?

The very best allergy air cleaner these days can also address ozone issues. Most advanced units have carbon pre-filters, and they can remove odors from tobacco smoke and cooking and capture ozone and other volatile compounds.

The prize of this type of whole house air purifier can start at $200-$300. It may be more expensive than a standard filter, it’s worth the investment.

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10/10 :  The Main Features of a Garbage Disposal

Modern day homes all have garbage disposal system installed. There are many brands and models available on the market but make sure that the unit you choose has all the features that you need to help you get rid of your food waste effectively and efficiently in your kitchen.

Each model has its own features and benefits. One of the features you must consider from this type of appliance is sound technology. Having a unit that operates in complete silence is an ideal choice.

It’s also ideal to opt for a unit that has multiple grind stages or features. In this way, you can throw whatever size of food you want to grind, be it big or small. With multiple grinders, you can grind food without delay.

The warranty of the unit must be good enough as well. Else, you’ll be paying for something that won’t last for month. You need to choose a unit that comes from a company like InSinkErator that’s known for excellent customer satisfaction.

There are other things that you should look into when buying a garbage disposal unit. The features and the warranty of the product are your top priorities when deciding which one is the best for your kitchen that can grind food waste.

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30/08 :  What Kitchen Design Layout to Choose with Small Space

Whether you’re renovating your old kitchen or not, it can be difficult to find a design that fits the space. If you have a kitchen that’s small, a U-shaped layout can be done. It’s a type of layout that joins walls: two parallel and one perpendicular.

There’s no traffic lane within the work area. This is because the area is only 10 to 18 feet wide.

What are its benefits?
What’s best about having this type of layout is that you can make a small kitchen look large. The space will be utilized more efficiently.

Then, you can divide its section into various work sites to maximize the space. Because there are no traffic lanes, the work zones won’t be disrupted.

The U-shaped kitchen can have two sinks with different types of faucets (preferably of course with a water filter). When it comes to finding the right faucet for this layout, style and size matter a lot. So, make sure that the style will fit your kitchen décor. The size must be enough to fit into your small sink.

If you don’t like a U-shaped kitchen layout, you can opt for a peninsula-shaped layout. It’s a versatile layout. This is ideal if you have an open floor plan. You can also opt for it if your kitchen has rectangular space. And you can divide the area into various work sites.

How to hide appliances?
These days, you can hide your appliances in your kitchen within cabinet doors, which can make your kitchen look nicer and sleeker. And when you add appliances that utilize high-technology, you can make this room the “coolest” part of your house. You can purchase a fridge with built-in TV, for instance, or an oven from Oven Shopper that you can connect to your Internet to find recipes.

With the latest technology, you can make your kitchen more efficient.

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24/08 :  When to Replace Your Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is one of the most expensive beds, but the price is worth it (considering its benefits). Although it’s a great bed to rest your body after a whole day’s work, you may need to replace it when the time comes.

This type of mattress may not be an ordinary bed but it has its own expiration. But how often should you replace it with an new one?

Well, the good news is that you don't need to chance it as often as a comforter, but you won't be able to sleep on it your whole life either.
Some experts believe that replacing it every 5 or 10 years will help you get a good night’s sleep. However, other experts think that replacing it doesn’t depend on a certain date. Rather, it depends on whether or not you’re still comfortable sleeping on it.

When is the right time to replace your memory foam mattress?
Your bed may still look firm. However, when you wake up tired and achy, it might be time for you to replace it. This is an indication that your bed is no longer comfortable when you sleep on it or simply lie down.

You may need a new bed if you already see some signs of wear and tear. These signs could be lumps, or it’s already sagging, although it’s not common for a memory foam mattress to sag.

Have you tried flipping or rotating it? If you are still uncomfortable lying down after rotating it, then you should save some of your money to buy a new mattress of this type. There are plenty review websites that can help you make a decision.

If you have been sleeping on your bed for 10 years, it is time for you to replace it. Memory foam mattresses can last for a decade, but no matter how durable it is, you still need to buy a new one if it’s been with you for more than a decade.

Replacing a memory foam mattress can be a huge investment considering the price of this bed, but if you want a good night’s sleep you should really replace it every now and then. It's definitely more comfortable than an inflatable bed, so make sure to change it in time.

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19/08 :  How to Look for Leaks in Your Air Mattress

An air mattress is your best bet if you don’t want to spend your money on another bed for the people who’ll stay in your house for a few days. It’s very convenient and it’s easy to store. This type of bed is also very flexible.

Unfortunately, it’s prone to leaking, and a tiny leak can already leave you flat on the floor the following morning. And when you look for leaks, it’s like you’re finding a needle in a haystack.

But before you even start looking for the leak, make very sure that the mattress is indeed leaking.

How to look for leaks in your air mattress?
1. Remove everything from the bed, including bed sheet, pillows, and blankets.
2. Move it to a spacious place where you can easily flip, rotate or turn it to find the leak.
3. Fill the bed with air without risking it to burst, but avoid using an air compressor as it’s not designed for high pressure.
4. Make sure that the bed is full of air before you look for leaks. As long as it’s full of air, a tiny pinhole can become very visible to your naked eyes.
5. Add dish soap and water to form bubbles to reveal the leak. An air leak can be easily found using a soapy water.
6. Put it in a pool of water to see if bubbles are rising from the bed to indicate that there are leaks in those parts.
7. Place your hand along that area and feel whether or not there’s an air brushing against your skin.
8. Hear the air escaping from the air mattress.

Now that you’ve found the leaks, what should you do next?
-First you’ll need to circle the area so you can easily find it again.
-Dry that part where the leaking is found.
-Get a hot glue gun and put a small amount of glue over the leak you’ve encircled.
-Force the glue into the hole by pushing it down lightly.
-Allow the area to dry fully before you sleep on it.

If you’re not sure whether or not a glue can patch a leak, you may consult the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to repair a leak.

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05/08 :  The Key Features to Look For in Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is an amazing device for mothers who want to keep an eye on their kids when they’re not in front of them. With it, you can easily take a nap or clean your house without worrying about the safety of your baby. If your infant wakes up, the device alerts you.

What are the key features you must look for in a baby monitor?

1. Design
Go for a unit that matches the design of your baby’s room. Make sure that it’s small enough for it to be easily installed. It must also have a design that makes it easier to connect to your computer.

2. Tilting and rotating feature
Advanced baby monitor models can be tilted or rotated automatically through a simple button via your computer. Make sure that it comes with an optical zoom that lets you zoom at least 4 times more.

3. Two-way mic
This is essential so you can speak to your child even if you’re far away from him/her. You can also hear what’s going inside that room and talk to the people in the room via the baby monitor camera.

4. Image quality
The camera must have high-definition quality with wide angle lens that offer sharper images. This means that you can make a bigger photo with more depth, even though you don’t have a decent Internet connection.

5. Night vision
This enables you to keep an eye of your newborn during night time. Make sure that its night vision capacity is of high quality.

Not all baby monitors are made equal. When you purchase one, you have to know what your needs are to help you keep an eye of your baby while you’re away from him/her. Those features can help you get started when shopping around and finding the right unit.

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01/08 :  What Contaminants Can a Water Filter Remove?

A water filter is becoming easier to install and maintain these days. What it does is that it removes common contaminants in the water to make it safer for you to drink water from your faucet.

With the latest technology, new filters have new features that make elimination of impurities as easy as turning on your tap. Even the models that directly connect to the plumbing system are now easier to install. Some models you can find have electronic indicators that can tell you when you’ll need to replace it.

So, what contaminants are removed?
The purpose of a water filter is to remove contaminants that can cause harm to your health. Lead, nitrate, radon, escherichia coli bacteria, chloroform and arsenic are common contaminants fond in tap water, and these are removed through filtration.

The bottled water that you see in a grocery store is a great alternative to tap water. It’s safe but it’s not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, most bottled water that you find is only filtered tap water.

It’s important to know the type of contaminants that you have in your tap water so you can find a filter that can specifically remove them. You don’t have to test your tap water, all you have to do is check your CCR or consumer confidence report. If you don’t have it, you can check your local government site.

If you're looking for the best home water filter of 2014 then make sure that you read the fine print before choosing a modelr. This is because every product has its own claims regarding the removing of contaminants.

Another important thing to remember when buying a filter for your tap water is your water consumption. You also need to assess how much effort you can tolerate in order to obtain filtered water. Keep in mind that the more contaminants the water filter can remove, the more complicated the process can be.

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