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The Halo Effect



The German edition was published in March 2008 by GABAL, under the title Der Halo-Effekt - Wie Manager Sich Täuschen Lassen, which translates to: The Halo Effect -- How Managers Let Themselves Be Deceived. We liked that German subtitle so much that Simon & Schuster UK is using it for the subtitle to the UK paperback edition, to be published in the UK in October 2008.

Two favorable reviews were published in the German press: One appeared in Harvard Business Marz and the other in a leading business daily, Handelsblatt.

My German colleagues tell me the translation is superb and captures the tone and spirit of the book -- which does not surprise me, given the several detailed questions of the translator, Nikolas Berthau.

The Brazilian edition was published in March 2008 by Editora Globo. The title is: Derrubando Mitos - Como Evitar os Nove Equívocos Básicos no Mundo dos Negócios, which translates to Destroying Myths - How to Avoid the Nine Basic Delusions in the Business World.

The Arabic edition has been published by Arab Scientific Publishers, in Beirut, Lebanon.

It has been picked by Kalima, an educational venture based in Abu Dhabi, as one of 100 Western books to be translated and distributed in the Arab speaking world. For more about this initiative, as well as a video of yours truly filmed while in Dubai last November, please go to

The Chinese (PRC) edition was published by Beijing National University Press in December 2007. While in Beijing for a meeting, I met with the publisher and two magazine reporters, and was interviewed about the book.

The Chinese (Taiwan) edition was published in late 2007. I wrote a special preface for the edition.

The Spanish edition was published in 2007 under the title, Espejismos, meaning Delusions.


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